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How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC?


Have you stored lots of files in your iPad? Is the storage space enough to keep more media files in the iPad for free time enjoyment? Once your iPad can not store more files, then why not make a backup of the existed iPad stuff and then delete some of them so as to free up some space? This article is here to introduce you a quick way for the files backup from iPad to computer. Just go through the whole page to check details now!

Quick Start to Sync iPad Stuff to PC for Backup

In order to have a more detail description on how to transfer files from iPad to PC in a blazing-fast way, we are here to make use of a professional iPad Files Transfer tool for example. This is a comprehensive transfer utility which enables you to transfer kinds of files from iPad to computer with ease. As long as you want, you can select some videos, songs, TV shows, audiobooks or any other space consumed files from iPad to PC for a backup so as to delete them later for space free-up.

Here, just let's get this helpful iPad Files Transfer to have a try to backup iPad contents to PC now!

Free Download iPad to Computer Transfer from iStonsoft

Step 1: Start iPad Transfer Tool

Download and install the transfer software on your computer. Connect your iPad to the PC and then launch the program. The iPad Files Transfer will scan your connected iPad automatically and list the stored files in the software interface.

backup ipad contents to pc software

Step 2: Select Target Files

Make sure which kinds of files you want to backup, and then go to click the corresponding file categories listed in the left panel. All the files belong to the selected category will be shown in the right panel. Just go ahead to pick the files you want to transfer to the computer.

Step 3: Transfer Files from iPad to PC

Check the files you have selected, if all your target files have been selected, you can then click on export to backup iPad contents to computer.

Tips: Once you want to backup the entire files in one category from your iPad, take music files for example, you can rightly select "Export All Music" from "File" drop down menu to backup the entire music folder quickly. Of course, you can also click on "Advanced -> Options" to change the output file folder.

Ok, done. Once the iPad files backup process completed, you can then delete these files from your iPad to free up it for more new and fantastic stuff. If you once think this software is easy-to-handle for you, then why not get it now to transfer your stored files from iPad to PC for backup? You would not regret it!

Free Download iPad to Computer Transfer from iStonsoft

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