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iPod Photo Transfer for Windows


transfer images from ipod touch to computerWant to back up all the images saved in your iPod touch to a Windows PC? There are kinds of solutions for you to sync images from iPod to a computer. For example, Apple endows you the ability to transfer the images once are stored in Saved Photos folder on your iPod touch via Photo Stream in iCloud or directly using iTunes. However, the synced photos in a unified category called Photo Library are not accessible by using any solution between these two.

So, once you want to have a completely backup on your computer for all the images once stored on your iPod touch, then a specially designed professional iPod Photo Transfer software would be necessary. The iPod touch backup software to be used here is rightly a helpful program to make it easy for you to achieve your exact task with hassle-free. Not only the images, but also the videos, music files, ebooks, voice memos, playlists, etc. can be transferred and saved onto a Windows PC from your iPod touch once using this iPod transfer tool.

So, without further ado, just let's follow the quick start below to see how easy it works when saving photos from iPod touch to a Windows PC.

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Step-by-Step Guide of iPod Photo to Computer Transfer

Step 1: Launch iPod Photo Transfer

Plugin your iPod touch to computer. Get and fire up the transfer program. And then the program will automatically detect your iTouch to list all available files in the left iPod library according to different categories.

start software to transfer images from ipod touch to computer

Step 2: Choose Target Images

To back up part of the photos from your iPod touch to computer, then you can click on the "Photo" option from the left panel to select and mark the photos you want.

Step 3: Transfer Files from iPad to PC

After choosing the images you want, you can then simply click on export to export and save the selected photos to computer.

Note: Once you want to back up all your iPod photos, you can directly select "File -> Export All Photos" after launching the iPod photo transfer tool to get the task instantly.

Well, just as you can see from the above operations, the process of iPod photo transfer can be rightly achieved within several simple clicks. Once you've mastered the skills of how to use this iPod backup software, then you can just use it to transfer more files from your iPod touch to computer for backup. For example, you can export MP4 video file from iPod to PC, copy playlist from iPod to computer, and transfer many other media files from your iPod touch to Windows PC for a full backup with ease. So, don't hesitate to enjoy yourself with it now!

Free Download iPod to Computer Transfer from iStonsoft

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