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How to Backup iPod to PC?

Purchased many music or books for your iPod? You may download plenty of interesting files from iTunes and now you want to backup your iPod, but how? Is there a best way to achieve this? Sure, you can get this iPod backup software - the iPod to Computer Transfer - the best-in-class software for you to copy from iPod to computer and backup iPod to PC to make the contents secure. The tutorial will tell you how to backup iPod Touch music so that you won't worry about the music loss any more. Of course, those movies, books, TV shows, podcasts and playlists all can be backuped with the software the same. Here just take an example to lead to get a glance at the program. Hope you will love it. Free trial is available. Now, start experiencing!

Free Download iPod to Computer Transfer from iStonsoft Official Site

Tutorial: How to Backup iPod Touch Music with the Program

Step 1: Free download - install - run the software on computer. Hook up your iPod and the contents & info about the iPod will be given on the pane. Music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc and iPod Capacity, Type, Serial Number, etc. will be displayed.

software to backup ipod to computer

Step 2: If you want to select a part of music for transfer, click the Music folder and open it. The list will be displayed on the pane to lets you freely choose and highlight them. Or if you prepare to transfer all music list to PC, click "File > Export All Music".

Step 3: Now, click Export icon - export to backup ipod to pc and start to backup iPod music to computer.

Done! Wonderful, right? Only one click to export and transfer your iPod files to computer with this program. This is a user-friendly tool for you, and his attractive features like these:

  • Easy and quick search to locate any music or video by album, artist, or genre
  • Two view modes: to create new playlist or to add illustration for video in thumbnail mode to make the iPod music, movies and photos transfer easily and flexibly
  • Extremely easy to use! Install and export files to PC almost instantly. Save your time!
  • Also supports devices like iPad and iPhone and their different types

Have the features captured your eyes? To be a pride owner of the iPod to Computer Transfer, right here press the button for free tial or keep it for personal use.

Free Download iPod to Computer Transfer from iStonsoft Official Site

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